The Value of Third Party Certification

One of the key distinctions between the SCR third-party, certificate program and company testimonials is independence. Our third-party sanitation training and testing certificates provide an objective outcome to understanding health risks associated with contagions in ground transportation. It is free from both the economic demands of the marketplace and internal company pressures because SCR has no financial interest in the companies and their employees/associates who elect to take our training and testing program.

Third party certification is more cost effective for all. We can test and certificate individuals more efficiently because we have the expertise. Additionally, many governments recognize that private third-party certification programs can save scarce resources and can help them meet their legislative and regulatory mandates.

Safe Clean Ride - The Value of Third-Party Certification
  • SAFECLEANRIDE training is administered by an independent third-party online testing program.
  • Customers looking for added peace of mind prefer doing business with ground transportation professionals who are independently trained and knowledge tested.

  • SAFECLEANRIDE sanitation training and testing/certified program for all segments of ground transportation is independent, cost-effective and easy.