RN 21 10199

WHEREAS, the Corona Virus Disease-2019, commonly known as COVID-19, is the cause of more than 2.6 Million deaths in the World as of March 1, 2021, and more than 535,000 deaths in the United States; and more than 54,000 deaths here in the State of California; and

WHEREAS, The COVID-19 Pandemic (not counting many other pandemics) has caused the deaths and physical impairment of more people in the United States and the World than any other pandemic since the 1918-20 (H1N1) Pandemic that killed more than 500 Million worldwide, more than 675,000 in the United States; and almost 30,000 Californians; and

WHEREAS, The State of California Legislature, recognizes and will continue to promote a Duty of Care Ethic for All People, as evidenced by past Public Safety, Health Care, Occupational Health & Wellbeing, and other Programs promoted by the State of California; and

WHEREAS, The future death toll from COVID-19 and other existing and future contagions will continue to rise, unless there are improvements and increased availability of vaccinations, treatment, health care, training, accountability, and the creation of post-COVID-19 contagion, cleaning, and health awareness education programs for the Public Transportation Industry for the continued health, economic benefit, and general welfare of the public; and

WHEREAS, Every year in California, more than 600 Million children are transported by school bus, 5 Million Californians are transported by app-based companies, in addition, there are 5,000 luxury transportation companies, 100,000 transit, charter and school buses, 100,000 shuttle vans, and 50,000 chauffeurs averaging 14 million trips to airports; and

WHEREAS, The State of California should have a Duty of Care Responsibility to the Public, by and through the Public Transportation Industry- and its’ operators (drivers of these vehicles), as they come in contact with and serve tens-of-millions of Californians on a yearly basis; therefore,

Resolved by the Assembly and the Senate of the State of California, jointly, that we declare our intent to promote a new Certificated Contagion & Health Awareness Program for the Public Transportation Industry; similar to other training programs in other Industries; and be it

Resolved, That any program created for the Public Transportation Industry (by and through training and certification of operators/drivers) for the purpose of the Public Health and Welfare, shall contain the following elements: one hour of on-line training; a 50-question exam with a minimum of 80% proficiency for passage; CDC-aligned curriculum focusing on contagions, methods of transmission, personal care, protection, and cleaning and sanitizing protocols; third party administration with an incorporated oversight board comprised by medical experts, certification and reporting of successful operators, one-year renewal, records management requirement, QR coded or other “badging” technology for verification, authentication and security, and management of notifications and updates throughout the year when necessary.