Safe Clean Ride - Guri Rajput

Guri Rajput

CEO, Seattle Royal Town Car & Limo

The Safe Clean Ride program is one of the best things for the transportation industry during this pandemic. The program was very informative and had great information that we will be teaching to our chauffeurs to ensure all vehicles are being disinfected the proper way. We have been able to present our Safe Clean Ride Certification to our corporate and retail clients who love to see that we have taken the extra step to make sure we are following the correct guidelines and helping prevent the spread of COVID and keeping them safe while traveling in our vehicles. Corporate clients are impressed that we have taken this extra step to get them traveling again! The program was simple to register for, and took a couple of hours to complete but it was great!

Jason Galde

Chaufeur Director at LaCosta Limousine, CA

Great video training program! Very instructive.

Mo Garkani

CEO of C.O.T.S, CA

The Greater California Livery Association is extremely proud to be the first organization to endorse the SCR training system. I was one of the first operators to receive a certification and I can say without hesitation it is an excellent program that I know my clients will find valuable.

Patricia Charla

CEO of Tech360, CT

SCR is brilliant! It is a superb program. Why don’t you make an international version?

Todd Cambell

Owner of Campbell Bus Lines, PA

This program is really well done and brings awareness to a number of things that should be “common sense”.

Harry Dhillon

CEO of Ecko Transportation Worldwide, CA

SafeCleanRide is EXCELLENT! My team and I are thrilled to be certified!