SafeCleanRide Certification is a contagion and cleaning education program for ground transportation professionals who handle the movement of people and cargo.

To understand hygiene and sanitation protocols that can help minimize the risk of spreading contagious disease. This demonstrates your commitment to help the cause to your community and customers. SCR provides verification of your certification to your employer, colleagues, customers, and in some cases, insurance carriers and other governmental agencies. SCR is a third party, objective and independent program.

No. SafeCleanRide is the first hygiene and sanitation training/testing program to be released in the U.S. and the world. Other companies may offer guidelines, but SafeCleanRide is an educational program designed to teach, test and certify individuals who have proven proficiency in understanding the training material which covers understanding, minimizing risks, and cleaning/disinfecting best practices at work and in vehicles.

Your SCR Certification is made out to YOU and is verified by a certificate number you can keep at your place of business, on your visor/seatback, or as a picture on your phone. When you successfully pass the test, SCR will email your numbered certificate. You will receive regular updates and other information as changes arise from the CDC and other health organizations. The certificate has a QR Code to make it easy for customers to verify the authenticity of your certificate.

There are 50 questions. You will need to answer 80% of them correctly. That means you must get 40+ correct answers. You will be able to track your progress through the education and exam process.

Once you pass the exam, you will be directed to confirm your full name, company, address, email, phone number, etc. After confirmation, your certificate will be automatically produced and sent to you by email. A copy will be kept in our files.

The content is based on the most current information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the same national agency the federal government and the states are using to guide their health information and awareness programs. However, SCR is not an extension of the CDC.

Yes. SafeCleanRide relies on our exclusive panel with experts in virology, chemistry and medicine to review and approve our course and test material. Our experts, their credentials, and their statements about our program and mission at SCR can be found on our website at

One year. During that year, as a certificate holder, you will receive updates, notifications and reminders about information related to your certification.

By email. SCR will send the above-mentioned updates, notifications and reminders to you including a notice of renewal. The updates and notifications from SCR, compiled from public sources like the CDC, will be incorporated into testing updates for your new certificate.

Yes. You will receive these by email. They will address new developments, products, procedures and other related information to you as a SCR certificate holder.

Yes. Your SCR certificate will display as a picture once you open your email and open the certificate as an attachment. The best way is to turn your phone sideways, photograph your certificate, and then save it in your phone where you can easily find it.

Your SCR certification is only $100. Yes, volume discounts are available at 10% off for 50-199 certificates to one company and 20% off for 200 or more. See instructions for setting up a large account with us on our PRICE tab.

On our home page under EPA PRODUCTS. Be advised that SCR does not officially endorse products. Our advisory board selected these recommendations, which are EPA approved and tested. The CDCs List N is a good place to go for COVID-19 approved disinfectants. The EPA does not approve cleaning products like soaps – only sanitizers and disinfectants.

As a certificate holder in the SCR program, you can use your certificate in any way you choose. You can add to email and social media accounts, and send pictures of your cert to friends, family, colleagues and customers. You can always display your certification in your vehicle or place of work, or display the URL for others to get on board.

This is a training and certificated testing program developed exclusively for all drivers in ground transportation and logistics who make their living by way of moving people, handling deliveries (for short and long-haul), and providing mobility services. Most importantly, this program is designed to help unite the ground and fleet transportation industries in the fight to minimize risks associated with contagious diseases. Through education comes social awareness and a consideration of others. You can be proud to take part in a growing ethically-minded business community where health and safety are learning priorities.

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